PR: Consultancy, Social Media, Crisis Comms

Crisis Communications

The emergence of social media has, for the better (and for the worse too), facilitated a speedy exchange of information and forever changed crisis communications management.

SWOT has a strong track record in successfully managing crises pertaining to product safety and business reputation by quickly deploying the following crisis communications steps:

  • Activating immediate access to the right people on the client’s side to gain visibility in the issue
  • On-site, 24/7 presence to create crisis communications FAQs. In crisis, everything is done on the fly and it takes an experienced communications professional with a deep understanding of the client’s business to lead the communications team without monopolizing the precious time of the management who need to focus on resolving the actual issue.
  • Immediately opening the lines of communications with editors, journalists and social media.
  • Developing the immediatenext day and the resolution of the problem communications for the affected parties (where appropriate) and for the conventional and social media.
  • Making sure appropriate responsibility is sincerely taken and communicating the actual steps that have been taken to prevent a similar crisis from happening in the future.
  • Developing compensation for the affected parties (if appropriate) and conveying this in a timely manner.


  • In the PR world, there are spin masters and there are consultative partners. SWOT understands the industry landscape, environment sentiments and proactively offers useful insights and advice. Coupled with the passion and dedication they pour into the client relationship, they certainly have qualified as a consultative partner in our books.

    Wing K. Lee, CEO, YTL Communications (Yes 4G)
  • SWOT Communications has done an excellent job in creating a very strong brand for EMC in the Malaysian IT market. SWOT’s people are dedicated, committed and very importantly, knowledgeable. I really appreciated the fact that they took it upon themselves to understand our business and the company’s vision and strategy as well as our own [...]

    K.Raman, Managing Director, EMC Malaysia
  • “SWOT managed the PR outreach for a very important project for us – our sponsorship of the world renowned photographer – Steve McCurry’s first exhibition in Malaysia, which also happened to be his largest ever. SWOT understood our objectives very well and developed creative ideas beyond our expectations that capitalized on the unique opportunity to [...]

    Andrew Chan, PR Manager, Regional Communications Division, Epson Singapore Pte Ltd
  • “SWOT delivers great results. The team is, true to their calling, very personable and creative”

    Dhillon Kannabhiran Founder/CEO, Hack In The Box (M) Sdn. Bhd
  • “SWOT has excellent people to help drive our team’s PR goals and objectives. They are knowledgeable and understand our business well. They are tactful in managing media and have helped, many times over years, in planning and delivering on our PR strategies and plans. They are what I call experts and with them you get [...]

    Muhundhan Kamarapullai, Manager, Programme Management at Multimedia Development Corporation