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The Nationwide Launch of Yes Mobile Internet with Voice

When we met YTL for the first time, we were so blown away by the company’s vision for Malaysia’s mobile broadband scene, we knew we had to work with them! And so we did. Together, we launched Yes, the World’s First Nationwide 4G Mobile Internet service with Voice.

Six months prior to the official, nationwide launch, SWOT launched a 4-pronged PR campaign to:

  1. Keep the stakeholders informed of the progress
  2. Facilitate the excitement and the interest in the novel service that was about to be launched
  3. Create understanding and credibility for the new category Yes was about to make in the broadband industry
  4. Get closer to the students to inspire 4G innovation.

The response from the media and the people was astounding. More than 500 stories, 8 cover stories and 70 broadcast stories longer than 10 minutes saw the light of the day, creating a PR value of over RM8 million in those 6 months. Without any advertising until two weeks before the launch, over 15,000 people were attracted to the two Yes stores over the weekend that followed the launch.

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