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The Launch of

eBay Roadshow

eBay Roadshow

When eBay decided to launch its fully-fledged Malaysian site, they entrusted SWOT with PR and marketing. The KPI given to us was not only to create sustainable, quality media coverage but to generate new registrations on within four weeks after the site’s launch.

There were 3 very important elements to the success of this PR campaign:

  1. Immersing ourselves in client’s business to fully understand the strategy and the roadmap. This is how we were able to conceptualize and represent the newly available features on in clear, visual images. We did this in a form of “rooms” (study, bedroom and bank-vault), which facilitated clarity and ‘stickiness” among both the media and user community.
  2. Being connected to the community of eBay sellers, which gave us quick access to some really powerful testimonials from the local PowerSellers, and a better understanding of how Malaysians see eBay.
  3. A roadshow at a busy mall that reused the same visuals from the media launch, which created a quick recognition of what the roadshow was all about. The roadshow aimed to educate the interested users and entice new registrations through creative games and on the spot auctions.
Media Luncheon

Media Luncheon, with Dan Neary, eBay VP

As a result, the launch of the new site saw a huge response, with 30 stories in conventional media, 2 cover stories and close to RM1million in PR value alone. The KPI for new registrations in the first week was significantly exceeded, with the campaign marking 12,000 new users in the first 4 weeks after the launch, and 30,000 three months after the launch.

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