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Most B2B companies rely solely on media relations to reach clients with their key messaging. When your product is complex and customers targeted, you tend to turn to PR to explain and educate. However, the danger of pure media outreach, unsupported by creative activities, often can lead to media fatigue (“you don’t want to talk about that again, do you?!”).

We have B2B clients with whom we have worked for years (our longest standing client has worked with SWOT for 6 years now), and sometimes we have recurring topics throughout the whole  year, or even longer.

To get optimal coverage about the topic while avoiding media fatigue, we break down the topic and approach it in phases:

  • audience segmentation and definining the issue according to the audience (business, IT or lifestyle pages)
  • follow up via endorsements – customers currently benefiting from a client’s offering
  • conclusion with a call for action through analyst endorsements
  • and most importantly TREND-JACKING. When you know how to trendjack, many sweeping trends become openers for the issues YOU want to talk about and in which you want to become a thought leader.

By implementing this approach SWOT created opportunities for more than a 100 substantial and positive clippings on EMC’s efforts in Business Continuity. We have achieved this through media relations alone, over a period of 18 months, without experiencing media fatigue.


Business Today, April 2008

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